Getting clients the publicity that they deserve"

Re: Media Relations and Publicity

Everyone has a story that they would like to tell or a message that they would like to have heard.

Professionals, experts, academics, business people, entertainers, politicians, activists, authors, musicians and inventors all have a story to tell or a message that they would like to communicate to their audience or beyond.

On the flip side the media are in constant search for interesting stories that would be informative, educational or entertaining to their listeners, readers or viewers.
At Woewoda Communications our goal is very simple; we bridge the gap between what the media is looking for and your narrative. This is accomplished by creating publicity campaigns that gets their attention, thereby allowing you the opportunity to use their platform to communicate your message to a wider audience.
It’s a win – win situation.

For 16 years we have been creating publicity campaigns that have allowed our client’s the opportunity to tell their story or to have their message heard. 

If you have a story or a message that is informative, educational or entertaining then give us a call and let us show you how a publicity campaign can communicate your story or message to the world.

James Woewoda
President and Senior Publicist
Woewoda Communications

“Creating solutions that take your messages to the next level”
"Getting clients the publicity that they deserve!"


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