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Public Relations Tip of the WeekWoewoda Communications is a public relations firm that specializes in media relations and publicity.

We create publicity campaigns on the behalf of entrepreneurs, professionals, academics, special interests, politicians and business executives, who wish to increase public awareness of their product, service, brand, company, profession, industry, opinion or expertise.

We plan, implement, and manage the publicity campaigns on the behalf of our clients that allow them the unique opportunity to reach out exclusively to their target audience or the general public to have their individual message heard.

Our corporate structure allows us the opportunity  to represent clients across a wide spectrum: health & wellness, legal & finance, sports & leisure, arts & entertainment, tourism, travel & hospitality, technology & design, beauty & fashion, social, environmental  & public policy, and literature.

As publicists, we focus on the inherent leveraging power that exists within the five different types of media – traditional, online, digital, new and social.

By working with our clients we are able to design, plan, implement and manage a publicity campaign that utilizes the following content: media interviews, article submissions, op editorials, photo ops, publicity tours, event planning, outreach initiatives, guest speaking engagements, signing sessions, news conferences, press releases,  media training and media kits,

As publicists, we then take that content, which alone generates “buzz” and give it added momentum by harnessing the immense power of the five different media sources – a synergetic interaction that allows for our clients message to grow exponentially and to be heard by a larger audience.


Designing, implementing and managing publicity campaigns; creating a positive interaction between your message, your target audience, the general public and the media

Arranging for media interviews; undertaking article submissions and op editorials

Planning and managing publicity tours, guest speaking engagements, signing sessions, photo ops, outreach events and press conferences

Preparing media kits; writing press releases; providing media training

Strategically working with and incorporating five different media sources– traditional media, online media, digital media, social media and the new media – creating a synergetic interaction that allows your message the opportunity to grow exponentially and to be heard by a larger audience

Analyzing analytics, trends and demographics as it relates to your message, your target audience, the general public and the five different media sources.


James Woewoda,
President & Senior Publicist
Woewoda Communications
#314-5772, 177B Street, Surrey, B.C. Canada V3S 4J5
Tel:  604 866 2066
"Creating Solutions That Take Your Messages to the Next Level"

Providing publicity services to clients across North America


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