Who Uses Public Relations?

Who Uses Public Relations?

by James Woewoda

James Woewoda is the founder and president of Woewoda Communications

In my last post I answered the question Why Use Public Relations?

Today, I am going to answer the question "Who Uses Public Relations?

In general, PR is used by individuals, businesses, and non profit organisation who relate to the public on either an economic, political, social or environmental basis - the list is almost endless.

If one were to scrutinize the Standard Industrial Classification Index (SIC) one would be hard pressed to find any classification within that index that did not use public relations.

The following are just a few (10) examples of "Who Uses Public Relations?"

Government And Their Departments

Government and their departments use PR to inform and educate the public on new regulations or initiatives. For example,  when a government minister or head of a department holds a press conference he or she is using PR to inform and educate the media on certain policies - that is an example of PR

The Military

The military uses PR in their recruiting efforts and during time of war. For example, when it comes to recruiting, the military will set up information booths at county fairs and strip malls to inform young men and woman about a possible military career - that too is an example of  PR

When the military is involved in a conflict, Press areas are established where information is provided and Q's and A's are exchanged back and forth between the information officer and the media - that is also an example of PR.

Trade Associations And Trade Unions

Professional trade associations and trade unions use PR to keep their membership and public informed on developments within their organization. For example, when a trade association holds their annual conference and invites the media to attend to cover the event - that is an example of PR. 

When a local trade union holds a local picnic on labor day and invites a few keynote speakers as well as their local television personality to attend the event - that is also an example of PR.

Universities and Colleges

Universities use PR to enhance their image and prestige. For example, most if not all universities have representatives whole sole function is to cross cross the country visiting high school students and answering questions about their university and their curriculum in the hopes of recruiting students - that is another example of PR

Environmental And Other Special Interest Groups

Environmental and lobby groups use PR to gain public support for their cause. For example, the environmental group Green Peace will organize rallies and marches in major cities to bring attention to certain issues which they deem important - that is an example of public relations. 

Political Candidates and Politicians

Political candidates use PR to inform and meet with the public For example, in political campaigns politicians will visit a small town's local diner to chat with patrons, or hold a town hall meeting for a Q and A session - that too is an example of PR.

When elected, those same politicians will hold press conferences in their office or will go back to their constituencies, and with the sponsorship of local associations such as the Rotary Club, attend one of their events as a guest speaker - that is a form of PR

Businesses and Special Interest Associations

When a business teams up with an charity or a special interest association (ie. the MS Society of Canada), and offers a deal to the public, where for example; $2.00 for every purchase of an item goes to the organisation in question for scientific research - that is another example of public relations.

Law Enforcement and Public Safety

When local police go to a local high school and form their own basketball team to play against the high school's varsity team at lunch time - that too is a form of PR

Schools and Charities

When a middle school teams up with a charity and the kids get pledges for a fun run to raise money for that charity and their cause - that is another example of PR.

Actors and Actresses

When actors or actresses appear on late night talk shows to promote their new movie - that too is PR.

Next week's article " PR And The Fukushima Nuclear Accident:"


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