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Woewoda Communications is a public relations company that specializes in media relations and publicity. We work with businesses, professionals, academics and entrepreneurs across a diverse field of different interest - literature, health and wellness, beauty and fashion, technology and design, arts and entertainment, tourism, travel and hospitality, sports and leisure, legal and finance.

Our goal is simple, we design, implement and then manage publicity campaigns that help our clients message(s) get noticed. This is achieved by understanding our clients message (s), and then creating strategies or solutions that allows for that message(s) to reach its intended audience in the most effective way possible.

With a strategic emphasis on the five different media - traditional (newspapers, radio, television, magazines, journals), digital, online, new and social - we work with our clients in respect to the preparation, implementation and management of media kits, guest speaking engagements, article submissions, op editorials, publicity tours, media interviews, signing sessions, photo ops, event planning, press conferences, news releases and media training.

By focusing on the latter (media interviews, article submissions, guest speaking, event planning, tours etc..) and by strategically using those five different media sources, we are able to take advantage of the inherent power generated by those platforms to help our clients leverage their message(s) so that their opinion, expertise or professionalism reaches a much larger targeted audience as would otherwise be the case.

If you are a business person, professional, or academic and are in the market for a PR company to handle your media relations or publicity, then please feel free to contact James at as he would be more than happy to sit down with you to discuss the inherent value of publicity (see 2016 U.S. Elections)  or to show you our portfolio of successful campaigns. 


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