Building Business Relationships: The Trust Factor

Building Business Relationships: 
The Trust Factor

To build a successful (small) business there are many different variable that have to come together to make the business a success: invest heavily but wisely; tap the necessary resources to make key business contacts; set up a local office or use local representatives to provide a local or regional presence; have a contact person that you can rely on who understands the legal and bureaucratic hurdles that you will have to overcome.

Second, you need to see what your product or service delivers to each market. And ask yourself "what benefits does the consumer derive from using my product or service?"

Third, you need to build trust; Strong (personal) relationships are necessary to establish a good business relationship with others. Yet, these relationships can take a long time to develop. Why? Because in many instances prospective customers want "to get to know you first" before they take the next step to decide whether they want to work with you are not. Hence, meeting face to face on a regular basis, sending regular emails and phone calls (and responding in kind), are actions that add to the "trust factor".

Woewoda Communications is communications company that specializes in public relations, media relations and publicity. Their emphasis is on brand [name] recognition. They develop and implement communication strategies that help their clients brand [product or service] become more familiar to consumers, the media and their peers.

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