Use Writing As A Public Relations Tool

As a public relations professional, the question that I am always asked is "How do I get noticed, what do I have to do to have my name mentioned in the media?" One possibility, especially when it comes to newspapers, journals or magazines is to take the initiative and submit either a: letter to the editor; a comment; an opinion-editorial, or a complete article.

Regardless of the medium that you choose, it is important that the information that you provide is informative and relevant to the section that you are contributing or responding to. For example, in "letters to the editor" most of the written material is in response to an article that the publication printed in earlier editions.

If you decide to "submit an article" it is important that the information be either educational, informative or entertaining. If this is your choice, it is very important that you first check with the editor or the section's editor to see if they accept solicited or unsolicited article submissions.

If you decide to submit an "opinion-editorial" the chances are very good that it's contents would be a little more emotionally charged that a straight "article submission." In this case, it is important that you review your submission a few times for clarity and comphrension. Again, it is important that you first check with the publications editor or the section's editor to see if they accept op-ed's.

Whatever option you choose, one of the major benefits of choosing this alternative, is that you can retain a hard copy of your published work(s). These works can then be added to your portfolio, thus, allowing you the opportunity to showcase them to others at a later date.


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