Use Magazines As A Public Relations Tool

Magazines are an excellent contributor to a public relations campaign.

Whether it is an online edition or a traditional printed version, magazines should not be overlooked when organizing and implementing your public relations strategy.

Magazines are very valuable for one simple reason, most are ‘topic’ specific. That is, magazines are much focused in the topics that they cover. For example, there are some magazines that focus only on health care, others publications focus on sports, pet care or even herbs or spices etc... The list of magazines and their specialties are almost endless.

What makes magazines even more unique is that the list can be broken down to be even more specific. For example, with ‘sports” magazines, there are publications that only focus on hockey, others on football, soccer, baseball, basketball, golf, boxing etc…

When planning your public relations strategy it is important to find magazines whose readership would be interested in the message that you wish to convey. Having said this, ‘demographics’ (age, sex, income, education level etc..) play a very important role in determining which magazine(s) should be part of your public relations campaign.

For example, if your message pertains to “health care” the readership are vastly different if the theme of the “health” publication is on “family” as opposed to “elder care”.  

Magazines are an excellent contributor to a public relations campaign.  The secret is to do your homework ahead of time and to match your message to the theme and to the demographics of the publication. If done correctly, the rewards can be fantastic!


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