The Value Of Traditional Newspapers In A Modern Day Public Relations Campaign

Are traditional newspapers irrelevant when it comes to a modern day public relations campaign?

The simple answer is no!

Traditional newspapers still have a very important role to play in a modern day public relations campaign. Why? because newspapers come in many different shapes and sizes. It is this variety that allows you the opportunity to select the one issue that best represents the audience that you are attempting to reach.

Some newspapers are community orientated. Others embrace a larger geographical area and cover metropolitan news. Others extend into regional coverage, while others are national or international in both scope and delivery.

As for the news itself, some newspapers cover 'general news' with specialized sections. Others are more specialized in the topic that they cover. For example, some newspapers only cover literary issues, while others are only interested in the "music scene" or politics.

As for 'political leanings" or their views on "social issues", some newspapers are "liberal", while others are more "conservative" in their tone and coverage.

The simple fact is, all public relations campaigns are limited in funds. A newspaper that reaches your target audience may in fact give you "top bang" for your dollar.

Do your homework. Look at your product or service and then look at the different types of newspapers that exist. By matching your audience to their readership, you may end up being pleasantly surprised.

Whether you are seeking publicity or planning to advertise, choose the newspaper that best represents that audience that you are trying to reach. This is true for both the newspapers content as well as its geographical scope.


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