The Importance Of Television In A Public Relations Campaign

Television is a very important component in a public relations campaign. Whether it is name or brand recognition, television is a medium that you can use to place your product or service directly in front of your intended audience.

If a man or a woman comes to you, after watching your advertisement or public service announcement on television 'on his or her own free will', the odds are pretty good that he or she will purchase your product or service. If not at that time, then probably at a later date.

Television initiates the process. The individual processes the information that they see and then makes the decision to either value or not value what it is that you have to offer.

With television the individual is reacting to the information that YOU present in front of them. If the message is concise and direct, your intended audience should have little difficulty interpreting the benefits that your product or service will provide to them.

Television provides you the opportunity to stimulate your audience both visually and with sound. No other traditional medium gives you that flexibility. This is a very powerful combination. It provides you with more options on how your message can be successfully packaged and delivered.

Finally, television is a 24/7 medium - locally, regionally or nationally - this means that your intended audience is always in front of the television watching news, sports or their favorite show.

Whether you are doing name or brand recognition, television is a very important component of an overall public relations strategy. Alone, it is a very powerful public relations tool. Used in conjunction with radio and print it becomes even more effective.


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