Why Use Radio In Your Public Relations Strategy

How important is radio in a public relations strategy? Do we still need radio in the age of social media and the Internet?

The simple answer is 'yes'.

Every public relations strategy should involve the use of a radio campaign. Unlike other media sources,  am/fm radio is still free to the listener. Radio is also an important communication medium because individuals can listen to it at home, in their office or in their car. In other words, if an individual finds a good radio station, chances are pretty good that they will listen to that station about 70% to 80-% of the time that they are awake.

The other advantage of radio is that all stations cater to a certain demographic. Depending upon your topic, product or service, you can match what you have to sell/discuss to the specific gender, age and income of the listener.

Another advantage of radio is that their are different types of radio stations. Some are music orientated, others are talk/news, others are religious etc... Here again, you can target what you have to discuss/sell to the type of audience that is 'tuning in' to the station on a regular basis.

Finally, one of the biggest benefits of radio is that they can broadcast live from your location. Here again, if you have a product or service to sell, then a 'live' broadcast to attract customers might be something worth considering when developing your marketing mix.

Remember, there are literally 1000's of radio stations in the United States and Canada. Producers and hosts are constantly on the lookout for compelling guest who are entertaining and informative. They want those guest for one reason and one reason only: to attract listeners and to boost ratings. If your topic, product or service can fill the bill, you can use radio to your advantage.


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