Which Newspaper Do I Contact?

You have a story to tell. It's an important story. You have decided to contact the print media, specifically newspapers, because they are the best medium to present the information that you have.

It is at this point that you have to make a choice, do I contact my community newspaper, my regional (or metropolitan) newspaper, or my national newspaper?

The choice you make, depends upon how the following questions are answered: "Who would be interested in my story? Does my story have national implications or is it more regional or local in nature?" Remember, even though this material is very important to you, each of the publications that your approach, has its own target audience, its own mandate, and its own unique readership.

When an editor reads your email pitch or reviews your press release he or she is making a calculated and rational decision, "does this story inform, educate or entertain the people who read our publication? Does it concur with our mission statement and with the philosophy of our newspaper?"

If you conclude that the editor's answer would be 'yes' to the readership question, then by all means, send an email pitch or a press release to the editorial staff. If the answer is 'no', then you would be better off to look for an alternative publication. If you are uncertain, then take the time to get a copy of the newspaper and read it. Look for stories that are similar to yours in both scope and depth, and then make your decision.

Remember, doing your homework at the beginning, saves you, your client, and the newspaper staff, time and money.


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