A Communication Strategy To Approach The Print Media

The goal of public relations is two-fold.  First, to manage communications between an entity and its audience, second, to build, sustain and then manage a positive image of that entity. Public relations consists of many different polices that are used to create a public interest in a person, product, institution or idea.

Public relations, is committed to showcasing your entity to the public in the most favorable light. Its goal is to create through news and advertising a positive image for your entity. To accomplish this numerous techniques and communication media are used.

As a communication strategy, it delivers information through the media to target audiences or directly to specific groups. It may target different audiences with different messages to achieve an overall goal.

If one of your public relations strategies is to use publicity, namely, the print media to reach your audience, then it becomes very important, that you determine which demographic, and therefore, which publication, would be interested in your specific story. It also important that you research which journalist at the publication covers the type of story similar to your theme or topic.

One strategy is to make a list of 7-10 journalists in your industry that you’d like to build relationships with and then move forward from there, focusing on those journalists every time you have a story to convey. Read up on the journalists’ articles and get a clear understanding of what each of them covers. When you pitch them, mention that you follow their work and that you feel that your story fits in with their coverage.

While pitching individual journalist sounds promising to many in the communications field, you should always determine the ‘official’ pitch method preferred by your publication. For example, some editors prefer that all pitches be directly sent to the news department where it is reviewed and then sent to the appropriate editor or journalists.


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